About Us

Serving Central Va.

In the service of small businesses just like yours ... and ours!

Leadmine Pond Productions, Inc. has been developing professional websites since 1997 and became incorporated as a web development company in 2001. We work to provide small businesses with the interactive data-driven tools they need to prosper online.

Your GPS on the Small Business Highway

We are a small business dedicated to serving other Central Virginia small businesses. We have done this for over twenty years. During this time we have learned how to listen to our clients and how to act in their best interests. We have built ourselves from the ground up just as you have, or just as you are about to.

Soften the blows and increase your margin of error.

There is no need to go it alone. Focus on what you are passionate about and hire us to increase your margin of error by leveraging our knowledge and experience. Let us know where you are headed and we will help get you there.

Our websites are responsive, so are we.

Having been through the thick of it for over two decades, we are confident in our skills. We have adapted to changes in the World Wide Web as well as changes in our clients' businesses.  We continue to provide complete internet services including email, site hosting, site design and development, custom logos and custom graphics, custom videos, search engine optimization, social media consulting, scaling, website consulting and more.  Let us take a look at your existing site or tell us your ideas for a new site and we can make it happen.  Browse our portfolio and you will get an idea of what is possible.  Make sure to view our clients' sites on different devices to see how they respond to those different environments.  Keep in mind that many of our clients manage their own content, which saves them hundreds to thousands of dollars annually.  Of course, we are happy to manage your site for you; several of our clients take advantage of this option, especially when they are in a pinch.  We get to know your company thoroughly so that we can respond quickly to your evolving needs.



The World Wide Web has plenty of room. Let's get your organization out there and we'll respond to the inevitable together!


Why the name, Leadmine Pond?

John Glynn, Founder