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The Hayden Theme in WordPress Recipe

By John Glynn ~ August 27, 2018

Squarespace? I’m a WordPress developer! I eat, drink, sleep and snuggle WordPress. Put another way, I don’t do Squarespace.  Aren’t they the enemy?

Lost and found & lost and found

By John Glynn ~ June 15, 2018

A funnier thought occurred to me. On our trip here, Bruce wound us through the woods in such a crazy fashion, his attempt to disorient me, that he managed to drop me off closer to my home than we were when we began…

Made-from-scratch vs. Made-from-scratch

By John Glynn ~ April 9, 2018

My wife and I exchanged a lightning-quick glance once we had taken it all in. The glance was undetected but conveyed a novels-worth of commentary. We continued our lavish praise for sparing us the task of cooking our own dinner that evening and the luxury of their wonderful company, while inside our heads we reflected upon each other’s Blitzkrieg of opinions. Homemade!?