"Mommy, where do web developers come from?"

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    Oatmeal and Your WordPress Certification

    In the summer of 2019 I earned my WordPress CERTIFICATE OF MASTERY from WPShout.  A year later, while COVID-19 has many of us rethinking our place in the universe, I find myself feeling grateful.  I debated getting certified but in the end it was clear I made the right decision.  The course was challenging, enlightening and time-consuming.  But since graduation, I have enjoyed a year of faster and higher-quality productivity.  I have more than made up for the time lost taking the course by utilizing methods and best practices taught in the course. When March 2020 rolled around nearly all of my client's needed immediate changes to their websites to…

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    Made-from-scratch vs. Made-from-scratch

    My wife and I exchanged a lightning-quick glance once we had taken it all in. The glance was undetected but conveyed a novels-worth of commentary. We continued our lavish praise for sparing us the task of cooking our own dinner that evening and the luxury of their wonderful company, while inside our heads we reflected upon each other's Blitzkrieg of opinions. Homemade!?

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    The robots are coming – yesterday!

    We served 900 lunches every day throughout the summer.  We flipped 900 burgers every day.  I can only wonder what I would have been doing the summer of 1988 if a robot had been able to flip those burgers for us. And I imagine this robot could have managed the flipping without all the whining, moaning and groaning that we somehow had the time to melodramatically gesticulate, despite having to flip 900 burgers every - single - day.

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    That was then and this is now … for now.

    ...along came this weird device.  It had no keyboard, no wires, just a screen.  This was followed in the Spring of 2010 by a letter from Steve Jobs slamming Flash in an open letter to the world.  This was followed by the headlines, "Flash is Dead!".  I remember firing up my computer that morning, seeing the headlines and just staring at the screen, frozen.  I was in shock.