Our process

Four steps to launching your new site


  • Discover your business. The first part of this step involves your teaching us about the services you provide and the information you wish to present online. We also want to know what features and functionality you wish to make available to visitors to your site (i.e. online forms, newsletter, blogging, online products, online payments, etc.).  Information, features and functionality requirements always change; this step does not limit what shows up on your site, but rather educates Leadmine Pond Prod. Inc. to the point where we feel we can do our job with your best interests in mind.  


  • Discover the competition.  The second part of this step involves discovering what your competitors do and what they offer online.  This includes the information they post, features and functionality, design style, quality of their site, the site’s compatibility with mobile and desktop devices, speed and security of their site and any other characteristics deemed relevant to this phase of discovery.



  • Here we provide you with our vision of your website.
  • This phase will involve some development and will feature a limited-use website for the purposes of presenting our vision.
  • This phase will likely find us going back and forth with you on various points until everyone is on the same page.
  • Once we are all in agreement, a contract of the work to be completed will be presented to you detailing:
    • Information the site will display
    • Functionality the site will have (forms, sign-ups, events, etc.…)
    • Other features the site should support (a blog, video, audio, galleries, links to social media, etc.)
    • Compatibility with mobile devices
    • Time-frame for development
    • Expected launch date
    • Cost of development
    • Cost of maintenance
    • Schedule of payments



  • There are many factors which affect the cost of development.  Will the site include support for an administrative login?  Will the site offer interactive forms?  Will the site merely present information?  The answers to these, and similar questions, will allow us to better estimate the cost of development.
  • Expect four to six weeks; longer if enough features and functionality are expected at the time of launch.  Keep in mind that our sites are developed to scale.  Making upgrades after the site launches is not only possible but anticipated.



  • This is the fun part and is easily our favorite step. This is where your site goes live!