Oatmeal and Your WordPress Certification

In the summer of 2019 I earned my WordPress CERTIFICATE OF MASTERY from WPShout.  A year later, while COVID-19 has many of us rethinking our place in the universe, I find myself feeling grateful.  I debated getting certified but in the end it was clear I made the right decision.  The course was challenging, enlightening and time-consuming.  But since graduation, I have enjoyed a year of faster and higher-quality productivity.  I have more than made up for the time lost taking the course by utilizing methods and best practices taught in the course.

When March 2020 rolled around nearly all of my client's needed immediate changes to their websites to provide greater support for selling their products and services online.  Most needed some kind of popup message detailing how COVID-19 changes would be implemented in their stores and places of business.  Many needed complex changes to product listings and postings of new online services.  All of my clients needed those changes to happen NOW!  I was able to keep my head above water in no small part due to what I had learned.  Thank you WPShout for offering this training and for exceeding the expectations laid out in your course description.

If you are WordPress Developer and are debating whether or not to get certified, let me spare you.  Don't ponder, just sign-up.  It's like oatmeal, "it's the right thing to do".  You never know when the next calamity will strike or how it will impact your clients (all at the same time!).  Getting your certification will leave you better prepared and better able to get more work done in a shorter period of time.  Your clients will need you to be your best when the next storm gathers.  So go eat your oatmeal!


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